3 Tips to Better Tech Company Branding & Marketing

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Technology BrandingOver the past 2 years we have been working with a branding agency based in London that makes our tech products stand out in a very saturated market. Most of the time our product is the best, but yet we are in such a crowded marketplace that its difficult to make any sort of impact without spending thousands in online advertising or smart marketing. But building a reputable brand is (in my opinion) the number one way (cost effective) to sell your products. Think about it this way.

You have to sell your product once to someone and then they are part of your brand. If they liked your product they will come onto your social media pages where you can market to them all of the time at a very low additional cost. More than this but you have instant access to people who will actively give you market research and again a very low cost. But more than this once again you have people that want what you are about to release and will actually share and act as marketing and sales people for you! This all starts through smart branding and becoming the company that you wanted to be when you first wrote your big idea down on your piece of paper (Or word document!)

In this article I’m going to outline 3 tips that I learnt from our branding agency that we work closely with to this day (not on this blog though haha) but on our 6 technology products in 4 different niches and industries. They help us to establish two really important things. The first is relevance and the second is making our product stand out as the best on the market! This is achieved through 3 main aspects that are easier than you think to implement into any sized business, you don’t need millions or even thousands to invest, just some time and a lot of love and drive for your business or startup! Enjoy!

Personal Brand 3 Tips to Perfect Brand Management

1.) Build the Personal Brand Too

People love Gary Vee and the Vayner Media brand he has created because as well as being very successful and good at what he does, he also builds his personal brand. This means when clients come to his business wanting to work with his company they get to meet this great marketing guy and its something they have said that is a benefit to working with his company. Obviously its very unlikely he is ever involved in any of the client marketing side of things, but it doesn’t matter. It’s awesome to say!

money2.) Invest some real money

We personally pay a lot of money, and before this we thought that social media marketing and all these terms were just buzz words that didn’t really give anyone some real ROI when it comes to business. But nowadays I know that it really does. Social marketing works so well in about 50% of niches and industries that if you aren’t doing it, then you are just pretty much wasting your time.

3.) Never Be too Big to Care

This is the number 1 reason people go off brands. They seem they are too big to actually give a F. If this is your brand currently change it! Otherwise you will find yourself losing more and more “loyal subscribers.” – There is never a reason to make people hate your company. Deal with the haters in a way that will be so calm and productive they will actually have no reason to hate your business (the same goes for competition.)


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Start-ups Utilising the Amazon Marketing Channel

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AmazonOver the past 5 years Amazon has taken off. It has always been coming, with the rise in the number of smartphone and laptop users there was always going to be a company that grouped products together and made it painfully easy to purchase and get these delivered. To be honest I’m surprised Amazon didn’t go mainstream 20 years ago, but 5 years will do! Nowadays I personally order 5 items from Amazon a month with most being around the £10-£50 mark, that is a lot of cash going through Amazon everyday.

So why am I telling you this? Well its because of one key reason, the amazon marketing channel is hugely important for start-up businesses! There are 2 ways you can utilise their huge flux of visitors and potential customers.

The first is you can add your existing products (from your ecom or local business store) to Amazon itself and when an order goes through you can ship your product to the individual who checked out through amazon. Now although this is better than just selling through your Ecommerce site there are a few downsides. The first is you will have to pay for storage, packing, picking and shipping to the customer, and the second is you will have to pay a fee to Amazon directly. But it is a great way to generate extra sales relatively quickly too.

The second way and my personal favourite is you can ship your products directly to Amazon and sign up for their FBA platform. This is a service they offer to merchants all over the world, where they will store your items for you and in return you pay a monthly fee of £25 + VAT. Now on top of this when someone orders your item they will send it to them. That means you don’t have to worry about packing or delivery costs, it is all done through Amazon which is great if you ask me. Obviously there are extra fees involved but for one of our products the difference in pricing was 0.30p per unit. Which meant we obviously went with the FBA option.

How-to-Build-An-AmazonBusinessOne of the greatest articles I’ve read on this subject is by an Amazon marketing professional and its at: How to Start an Amazon Business | Amazon Rankings Guide – He explains exactly how you can start off getting your products, manufacturing and then sending them to Amazon, creating a marketing plan ect ect. It’s a free guide but it is pretty long, I think close to 8,000 words, so be prepared before you head over there.

That’s it. My single piece of advice would be to get on this platform before it becomes mainstream! It is already getting that way already and you don’t want to be the guy who missed out by a couple of years just because you were late to get started!

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5 Unique Methods to increase Sales | TP Guide

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5 Unique Methods to increase Sales | TP Guide

Sales ABCAs a businessman, all you could think about is finding ways to increase your sales, spread your brand and develop your business. In order to compete in the chaotic business world, you have to think of new creative ways and ideas to increase your sale. Standing above the crowd and being unique is important as most people nowadays seeks for something fresh, something that is new and would catch their attention. Below is a list of 5 unique methods to increase sales and boost your product.

Conduct a Customer Reward Program

What else could make your customer any happier than receiving a reward from your company? It would keep their loyalty and would eventually leave a good impression on your business. Giving away promotional products or simply managing a rewards program is a very effective way to boost your sales. Make sure that your customers can get discounts from you if they had passed simple criteria such as being your customer for almost a year, collecting and redeeming points to retrieve a gift or giving discounts if they shop for more than $100.

USP AdvertisingAdvertising

This may seem cliché but it’s a one way of spreading your brand to every possible and potential client out there. Claim that your product is good in a way that people can benefit and you will gain more customers if they had proven that what you are saying is true. Put your product in a spotlight by investing in an advertisement. Always make sure that your advertisement is unique and will help people remember your company name and product more than the others.

Unique and creative USP

If you’re trying to sell normal pencils, then you may think of your other competitor around lingering and selling the same product. How are you going to catch up with them? Of course, you have to be unique and creative. Add some features that others do not have such as comfortable grip or higher resistance to the writing lead breakage that would draw more customers because of its outstanding feature. If you have a product, always think of a way to make it unique.

FreeFree samples

There is nothing more that could catch the customer’s attention other than the word FREE. It’s like a magic word. Anybody would stop walking or even took a glance when they see the word FREE. Free samples are also an effective way of boosting your sales as it would draw more customers, wanting to have a taste of your product to see how effective it is. If it’s proven worthy of their money, they would have more confidence in purchasing your product or service.

Creative teams

Of course, all your creative ideas would end up in trash if your team isn’t cooperating very well. If you plan them to wear a certain costume to attract customers especially if the products that you are selling are for kids, then they have to do it according to the plan. In that way, you can assure that any chance to reach out potential clients is grabbed.

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Keys to a successful software business | 3 Tips

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Keys to a successful software business | 3 Tips

Business is hard, let’s not deny that. But software businesses, technology business and anything that can make exponential profits is extremely hard! I personally have investments in a number of start-up tech companies specilising mainly in app and software development, which is one of the reasons why I am writing this article today, because I personally believe I am able to answer this question “what are the keys to building a successful software business?” – So below are the 5 keys elements I believe will make or break your business. I have tried to avoid the obvious “you must have a good product” as that is the same in any business, if you don’t have a good product or service then you are doomed from day 1!

5 Elements to a Successful Tech Business

  1. software businessScale Quickly – If you look at the most successful tech businesses in the last 5 years you will see Uber, Airbnb but also tiny addicting games such as Candy crush. These all have 1 thing in common, they can be scaled incredibly fast because they don’t rely on marketing budget or active marketing of the company itself, instead they actually rely on individuals recommending the app to friends, this leads to more and more sign-ups that are essentially pre-sold!
  2. Service Now – We are an incredibly impatient generation, more so now than ever before, we want things now and we want them to work perfectly. And when they don’t we get mad! So having customer service that is available 24/7 that is not only available but also actually good, will save your business so much in the long run!
  3. More than one benefit – Think about it this way. If you make a business that has 1 core benefit you can make a million dollar business. Let’s say for example you are a marketing company and you help people with their marketing, great million dollar business. But if you have 2 benefits you can suddenly become a 100 million dollar business. Let’s say you create an app that is a.) Free and b.) Helps people improve their marketing. And if you can get to 3 core benefits (such as Tesla did) then you can create a billion dollar business. In Tesla’s case this would be a.) Price b.) Environmentally friendly c.) Stylish
  4. Secure ServicesSafety & Security – Make your product extremely safe. There is nothing worse than a product that looks great, is affordable and runs well, that then gets hacks or is constantly down. This not only hurts the current customers you have but will also hurt your brand image in the long run too.
  5. Old Person Friendly – Remember how you used to be told to make products so simple that a child could use them, well nowadays you have to make them so simple that an OAP could use them effectively and quickly. Test with OAPs not people who are Tech savvy. Tech savvy people can work out an app even if it is badly built. But watching someone who is not up to date on technology try to navigate your software or programme, this is the real data you will receive about how well built it is.

I hope you enjoyed this post and took some good pointers from it. Remember to share if you enjoyed the post :).

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Getting Ahead In Your Business

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Getting Ahead In Your Business

A small business can also bring big and unexpected problems. It is important that you keep an open-mind when conducting your business because it will require from you that you are willing to learn and adapt, change and grow. It is not easy to start a business from scratch, no matter how big or small, but one thing is sure everyone would like to get ahead in their business, here’s how you can do just that!

Financial Problems

Financial _ProblemIf you are in it on your own, left to deal with financial problems, advertising, clients, customers and taxes all by yourself; you may be panicking right now. The most important piece of advice I can give to you is to try to keep a positive attitude because only time and experience will bring you knowledge on all the things needed to make your business run smooth. So, think of it as a learning experience and a true blessing in disguise. The truth is a lot of successful business owners had to cross this same bridge at some point in their lives as well.

Social Media Presence

Schermafbeelding-2013-12-04-om-11.39.01If you want to expand or further establish your business, but do not know how, my advice to you is to reach out to your clients and customers by using social media. Nowadays, it is rather easy to use social media to your advantage when starting a business. The social media will attract you the right clients for your business. Tell your friends to support you, like your pages, tweet about your business or retweet your tweets, and you will see how soon it will expand. Be present in the social media daily and try to keep your profiles active and up to date.

In Support Of A Cause

Is there a cause you really believe in? Supporting an event or a cause, or even consider organizing an event or a cause will attract people to your business and you will give back to the community. It will show that you and your business really care about something and it will also draw new customers. Throw in a few fun activities or rewards that can be obtained and you will in no time expand and promote your business in a fun and effortless way.

Staying Positive

positive-attidtue-1te3udvPeople like to go where they feel good about themselves and get the best service. Even if you provide the best service in the world, when people get a negative vibe they will run off from your business. That being said, it is really easy to slide into depressive thoughts if all things are not running smoothly, but you should keep in mind that literally all business owners have had some rough patches, especially in the beginning! Remind yourself why you started all of this first place and keep in your mind a clear vision of where you want your business to go.

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